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The unification of everything come in, Matter particles,

The String theory aims to answer a question that has been asked by scientists since the ancient Greeks: What, precisely is the universe made out of?( Explora). As a someone who has also asked this question, I choose to research the String theory in hopes of better understanding the universe. What if I told you that the everything, every different type of particle is made of tiny vibrating strings of energy. The string theory aims to create a theory unifying quantum mechanics and Einstein theory of general relativity. Also known as the M theory, this shocking idea proposes that everything we know of and everything we don’t know of is made up of tiny vibrating strings. To bring together the forces The paper gives an overview of the String Theory’s importance, history, competing theories, and future.The Superstring theory also known as the M-theory is an all encompassing theory in which electromagnetism, gravity, strong force, and weak force were all explained. Inside of quarks, theoretical physicists believe that there are tiny filaments of energy, which look like vibrating strings (thus the name String). These tiny little strings vibrate at different frequencies producing different particles. This is where the unification of everything come in, Matter particles, Radiation particles, everything that make up everything (Making Sense). Each particle is like a fingerprint with different patterns of vibrating strings.The Superstring theory wouldn’t be where it is today without the contributions of many scientists. Albert Einstein, Theodor Kuluza, Gabriele Veneziano, Edward Witten and many others. Albert Einstein first proposed the idea of an unified theory for everything , in the 1920s. In 1905 he brought together space and time, in 1915 he further unified space, time and gravity in his theory of general relativity. However he dreamed of an even bigger unification one so grand it encompassed everything, he called this the unified theory. However by the time of his death in 1955 Einstein had spent 3 decades in pursuit of evidence that at the time was nowhere to be found. Ever since the 1920s the thought of having one all encompassing theory has been met with heavy criticism, theoretical physicists had concern with quantum mechanics, it wasn’t until the 1960s when the focused shifted to the Strong force; a force binding together the atomic nucleus. The force is between nucleons (protons and neutrons) it does not distinguish between the two, it just binds the two together that lead to more interest in further developing this notion (Strong Interactions). In 1968 Gabriele Veneziano discovered a 200 year old mathematical theory, the Euler Beta function. Which had the power to explain Edward Witten is a mathematical physicist whose field of work is the String Theory.


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