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Christian Snawerdt
English 3
December 1st

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            Social crtiscsim essay
The book takes place in 1937 around the great depression.The chrarachtwes in this book   mice of men believe in the americIan dream witch is instant success and wealth. Mice of men is about tow characters named lenny and grerge who travel together they both need each offer. Lenney is mentally challenged and acts like a 10 year old and likes soft things. George needs lenny emonialy. It is through lenny form that John Steinbeck criticizes how people with lenses intelcualt level are treated now and back them.

Through out the book lenny  runs into people who give him trouble.  Leery  through out the book likes soft things lenny . Throguht out the book lenney docent realize how strong he his and kills things because he docent know his own strength.   George and lenny don’t  really change through out the book. Crooks changes a little bit in the book form being lonely to talking to a few of the guys. The guys don’t usually took to crooks because he’s colored but leery docent know that and candy and George give him company and he’s more open . Lenny has less power than George because  he usually speaks for George. Geeroge docent let lenny speak for him self. George dose every thing for lenny. Nobody takes lenny very seurisley either .  so their for he has more power.  Lenny has more power when it comes down to strength george cant lift as much barley bags as lenny can .George feels obligated to helping lenny because he knew his aunt Clair. .george would feel bad emoinaly if he didn’t take care of lenney. In the book when they kill candys dog  thats how they kill George in the end and I think its a symbol of a peacefu;; death. iI think lenny acdenley hurting things is a symbol of someone not knowing their own streinghs. Lenney has less power in society because he can barley keep a job. He owns no land. Has no family because his aunt Clair is gone . Has nobody to look after him but George. I believe that steinbacks arguments are still effective today. People like lenny are still not treated with  the respect they should have. I see mentally challenged  people get made fun of at shoal all the time.  I think its a lot esayer for people to get a good job than it was back then. I think the main argument of the. Book was the american dream that it didn’t work for most people. Lenny and George had a dream to own a ranch like ,many other Americans, they had obstacles they had to  get to their dream  but they coldly get pst them.  I think the american dream is more achievable know than what it is back then know that their is higher slary and better economy witch  gives more jobs. I also don’t think theirs the laws with work that we have know . I think steinback  was trying to show the social structure of how it was for him.


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