Critical Thinking

Nanotechnology, a subject whose growth is emerging rapidly

Nanotechnology,  a new branch of science which is relatively
emerging now with such a tremendous speed that it is benefiting the mankind in
various different ways. Nano-materials is of size 10-9 m which means
one-billionth of a meter. So one has to precisely magnify the nano particles
millions times to watch it through naked eye. Nanotechnology and Nanomaterial
Conferences will be one extra ordinary conference since this field of science has
a vast area for exploration and it has various advantages. Since the size is
very small it has a larger surface area, less weight and hence proves to be the
best and the pros of using nanomaterial are mind blowing.

Global Nanotechnology Events will be discussing and
encouraging the attendees to come forward, to debate, to collaborate, to
ideate, to present their piece of work in front of the world and help in the
development of the country and benefit the man kind. These events will not only
be for discussing, it will be enhance one’s skill by organizing quiz, question
& answer sessions, sudden one minute speech, etc. These are few of the ways
where the people attending the conference also will not get bored or irritated
by lectures and also it will not be monotonic too. 

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Nanotechnology is a subject whose growth is emerging
rapidly and it is helping everyone present in one way or the other. It has
found its applications in Medicine, Research, space, Engineering, Chemicals,
Technology, Food, Sunscreens, Cosmetics, Treatment of diseases, Paints,
Clothing, Transport, Energy, Agriculture, Computer displays, etc almost all the
areas in the field of education, technology, research and inventions.  It has also its application in biotechnology,
also in the treatment of various deathly disease such as cancer. The Nano
medicine is injected to the area affected by cancer in the body and it then
removes the affected cells from the body due to its capacity.

Worldwide Nanotechnology Conference will be
happening around the earth in various places and it will be helping people to
know how fast is everything getting developed and though its construction is
complex but its functioning is very easy. Scientists, doctors, engineers and
researchers from every nook and corner of the world are now currently debating
each other about the future of nanotechnology as its is developing in areas
like Nano electronics, Nano medicines, food, energy, cosmetics, etc. The debate
is about the side effects of these inventions since nanomaterial which will be
used are not known to us from before, they are being getting researched and
developed now only and few of them might be toxic also. Few of the recent
researches and development in this field which are going now are nonionic, drug
delivery, Nano pillars which are sometime used in solar cells, tissue
engineering, bio-sensors, Nano rods, carbon nanotubes, etc. So, attending these
nanotechnology conferences will be a great opportunity for the people to know
about the field and about its development and inventions.


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