Critical Thinking

I normal that I have fears. What is

I am scared of a lot of things: lonliness, failure,
talking to strangers, the list doesn’t end. But I am human! It’s normal that I
have fears. What is important is that I try to conquer these fear. Well, at
least the ones that stop me from living my life to the fullest.

If you let it, fear will
control your life. I have been there and still am! I have let Glossophobia
control me my whole life and before I realized it was stopping me from living my
life. When fear starts to rule your life, that is when you need to step in and and
fix it. It will be hard and scary, but you cant let it rule you.

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2 years ago, I overcame my biggest fear: flying on a
plane. My fear of flying started when my family went to Disney World, I was
five years old. I don’t remember too much about the vacation, but I remember hearing
my mom say that she was afraid of planes. At that time, I thought my mom couldn’t
be scared of anything, so if she was scared of planes, they had to be flying coffins.
Why else could my mom be so scared? For 13 years, I have had my mom’s fear of planes.

As I got older, I found real reasons to be scared
of planes and flying other than “because my mom finds it scary.” I am a
control freak, so being on a plane scares me since I have no control. At least
when I’m a riding in a car I can warn the driver if I spot danger. I can not
warn the pilot about danger! I have to trust another person with my life, and
that is terrifying. That’s a whole lot of trust to put into the hands of a
stranger even if he/she is a pilot.

Another point, turbulence gets to me. When I was
16, my parents and I flew to Dallas to visit my brother. When we got off the ground,
there was a ton of turbulence, and I spent the entire trip shaking from the plane
ride. When we got ready on plane to fly home, I had a horrible panic attack. An
attendant explained to me that there was nothing scary about being on that place
by telling me the the mechanics of the plane, but that made me feel even worse.
No amount of science can make me think that an airplane can somehow stay up in
the sky. I have told myself that planes fly by magic, and I won;t believe
otherwise. Eventually my parents got me to calm down, and I made it from Dallas
to Houston without dying from my fear. My fear of flying was holding me back,
and I needed it to stop. When we finally made it home I realized that it was never
actually as bad as I had always imagined.

Facing your fears can be much more scary than your fear
itself, but it’s fulfilling and worth it. Knowing I can travel anywhere I need
to without fear is a massive relief, and I’m so happy I’ve conquered my fear of
flying. Yes, I still get uneasy, but at least I ca handle myself and enjoy
my life now.


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