Critical Thinking

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A few days ago, while walking in the morning, I passed
a few school going kids. They were carrying bags on their shoulder, which
looked so heavy that, I was afraid, those kids might fall backwards due to its
weight. Luckily, none of them did. They were students of a reputed school and
college. I asked one of them, who studies in class 4, why is his bag so heavy? He
replied, because of the homework copies and books for 7 periods. Now, this is
not a very uncommon scenario really. Even my sister at home carries a bag, that
is tough even for me to carry around. After coming back from school, she gets
so tired, that it’s hard for her to stay awake properly. That heavy bag, even
caused her back problem and she had to go see a doctor for that.

So, now the question is, why do the students who are just
kids and teenagers get tired so easily? What causes this stress. The reply to
this is certainly, their classes. The lack of proper management in the class,
causes the stress, that makes them tired and affects both mentally and

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to be followed for proper class management:


• School is the first place, where the students start
socializing first, but nowadays the number of classes snatches away that
opportunity from the student. Most of the students on an average have to attend
5-8 classes every day. Is it really possible for a student who is barely 10? Even
if the student is older, it causes so much stress in them, that it hampers
their other activities. To manage that, it is really important to decrease the
number of classes the students need to attend each day. They will then get rid
of that heavy bag and will feel more enthusiastic during and even after the
class ends.


• One of the students hate is the need to do homework
at home. If the works are done in the class or extra classes, then it becomes
convenient for them to complete it. They will even get the help of the teacher,
if they cannot understand anything. Besides, doing most of the thing in class,
will help them to trust their teacher even more. That way, the relationship
between the teacher and the student will strengthen.


• Most of the time, the students get so tired and bored
due to consecutive classes, they don’t even bother to pay attention to the next
classes. To reduce this stress, a 10 minutes gap can be introduced in between
classes. That way, the students will be able to move around or fidget a little
bit. They will get rid of their boredom and will definitely feel fresh.


• Most of the schools in our country provide a lunch
period of only 15-35 minutes. In such a short amount of time, the students
cannot even eat properly. The lunch period should at least be 45 min to 1 hour.
This will give them ample amount of time, to refresh themselves, eat properly,
move around, take rest and get ready for the next subject.


• Every day, any kind of recreational activity should
be added to the regular schedule of the class. Be it music, games, or any other
activity. This will help the students to let out their stress and focus more on
their regular classes. This will also be an opportunity to discover their
talents, to mold them accordingly.


• Even though, there are rules against physical
punishment, some schools, even the reputed ones, use physical punishment to
discipline the students. Physical punishments affect their mental health adversely
and decreases their self-confidence. They feel low, narrow, and small. In order
to reduce this, physical punishment is to be banned in the classrooms
completely and the school authority should take proper actions for it. If necessary,
detention or extra homework can be served as punishment, but never a physical


• Whenever we think of a teacher, we get reminded of a
dreadful and horrifying entity. No matter who is asked about their teacher,
they always reply with the name of the teacher who made their student life miserable.
But, should the teacher-student relation be like that. The teachers should be
more generous and must handle each student individually according to their
need. They need to communicate and understand the student, not just talk to
them. If a student start trusting a teacher, then the teacher will become
someone, on whom the student can rely upon and can follow as a guide. So, it is
important to build a teacher-student relationship, that is full of trust and
reliance. This comforting relationship will help in reducing student stress in
the classroom.


The usual, typical classroom system and rule cannot be
changed overnight, but it can be done slowly, one at a time. Besides, todays
students are the future, tomorrows leader. So it is important to guide them
properly in a friendly and comforting manner, where they will not be stressed
out. Rather, they will get excited and enthusiastic about growing up, about
learning and about going to school. 


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